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Default Re: SIGN Wallace, DRAFT defense, WIN multiple SuperBowls

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
teegre - I'm completely jazzed by this year's draft, especially the ramp-up on the O-line. I've got super-high hopes for the OL based on DD, Adams, getting Colon back and utilized properly, and all of this bounty flowing after Pouncey and Gilbert. A huge weakness suddenly becomes a strength in terms of the starting 5 - it almost seems too good to be true.

I'm assuming that DD will be a starter with no question, based on the draft information. And Adams should be as well, based on the same rationale as Bayz pointed out. That is my hope and my expectation.

But let me just say it flat out - if Adams can't straight out win a starting position at one of the two tackle positions, I'll be disappointed, because I don't think that's really much of a challenge if he's worth the pick - even if Starks were fully healthy at the beginning of the season.
I haven't been this excited about many things in many years.  

First off, I haven't been as excited about a draft pick since BB.  I watch a lot of Stanford football, and DD is the bee's knees (as well as the legs, feet, & ankles).  

Secondly, I haven't been this excited about the O-line since... well... maybe ever.  Better than Dawson-Love-Wilford.  Yes, I think that they have the potential to be "that" good.  [More on them in a minute.]  

Lastly, I can't wait to see BB behind a great O-line.  I have always hoped that I'd see him behind even a "good" line... but, alas, he's only had the abominations of the past few years.  Now... with a potentially great line... I am aflurry with excitement!!!  

Back to the O-line.  

DD.  he is flat-out amazing.  Possibly more  importantly, he makes Pouncey even better.  Since Pouncey would no longer have to help out and/or make up for the lackluster play of the OG next to him, Pouncey can focus on "only" his assignment... which will take him from great to elite.  

The Colon.  I won't go into much detail (it's been covered on this board), but I think that he flourishes as an OG.  

Gilbert has shown to be above average, and has the potential to be good.  And Adams has the potential to be great (assuming that Kugler can keep him focused & motivated... because, Adams has the necessary skills to play LT just as well as Marvel Smith did).  

Now... as far as your concerns with Adams "not beating out Starks", might I add a thought: BB loves Starks, and more importantly, BB trusts Starks.  AND, Starks is very consistent.  

Furthermore, the LT position can take a while to learn.  Only three O-lineman, at any position, have EVER started as rookies for the Steelers in the past 30 years.    

While I can understand your disappointment (if he doesn't start in September), I personally wouldn't be disappointed ("expectation level" is what defines one's disappointment).   I "expect" Starks to start, because BB trusts him (& Starks is more consistent), but then, I "expect" Adams' talent to be too much to ignore, and once he is more consistent, Adams WILL take over (by week seven-ish).  
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