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Default Re: What? no Olympics thread?

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
I miss the olde days of the Soviet block vs. USA - chinese are kicking our ass everywhere
Indeed - 16 year old Le Shewin definitely kicked a**

Links to good articles on the competition so far here:

Poolside Podium: Doping Rumors, Broken Records, and the Lie Behind the 'Phelps Choked' Meme

It wasn't just that 16-year-old Ye, who was funneled into China's athletics system at age 7 when one of her teachers noted that she had unusually big hands and long legs, won the 400 IM, besting the United States's Elizabeth Beisel. It wasn't just that she set a new world record of 4:28.43 in the process, shattering Stephanie Rice's prior time by over a full second. (Rice, by the way, was the beneficiary of a surprise visit from Kobe Bryant late last week, who stopped by the Australian team's practice to ask her to sign a swim cap for his fangirl daughter. He gave her a pair of his shoes. This all happened.)

No, it was the way she finished the race that left everyone gaping. She went fast, and then she went faster, and then she somehow went even faster still. Here's how fast she was going: Her last lap, 50 meters of freestyle, was faster than Ryan Lochte's last lap in his gold-winning 400 IM, 28.93 to 29.10. (Her final 100 split of 58.68 was just three-hundredths of a second slower than what Lochte swam.)...

and here:

In sports, there are exactly four times when an Overt Display of Righteous Fury (O-DORF) is appropriate...

Here's the main time it's not appropriate — when you've just won....

You've probably guessed that I'm thinking now of Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, who won the 400-meter freestyle gold, screamed in a way that felt really confrontational for a few seconds, and punched the water aggressively. It made me hate him. And, for the record, "'roid rage" is maybe not the best mode of celebration when you come from a country with a long history of institutional cheating.

(In case you couldn't tell, I'm not a big fan of Team China)

The French swimmer who took down Lochte in the men's relay last night won again today. Perhaps cunning Team China is sharing some of its PEDs with the treacherous French?.
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