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Default Re: What? no Olympics thread?

Was watching the NBC (the video was "live") last night on the men's gymnastics. Now I know absolutely nothing of the rules and regulations as to the scoring, but I got the general gist that if one falls off the horse, bars, steps out-of-bounds, etc, some points are taken away.

This is what I saw last night. The team from Great Britain appeared to win the Silver medal (when the final Japanese athlete kind of "slid" off the pommel horse, receiving a low score). This gave the Bronze to the Ukraine and knocked the Japanese out of the medal awards. Quick camera change to a Japanese coach filling out a form and WITH CASH IN HIS LEFT HAND, appealed the scoring to the judges.....the commentators noticed, and one commentator said, "What??" The others went along and said some drivel about it being part of the make a long story short, the judges determined the Japanese athlete (in sliding off the horse for his dismount) "went through" the motions of the required "handstand" and revised his score upwards, which then changed Team Japan's score, giving Japan the Silver, the Brits the Bronze, and knocked the Ukraine team out of the medal awards.

I know the scoring for any event relying on "judges" has been suspect for years and the Japanese coaches "offering" cash along with their appeal smacks of something horribly wrong.

Did anyone else see that? Is THAT the way these events are judged??
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