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Default Re: What? no Olympics thread?

Add British tabloid press + rumors of Chinese Olympics swimmer using PEDs + link from Drudge Report =

Forging of the Mandarin mermaid: How Chinese children are taken away from their families and brutalised into future Olympians

Ye Shiwen possesses that same masculine, almost wall-like figure; the same impossibly wide shoulders and huge, rounded thighs; the same armchair-leg calves.... Ye, though barely out of adolescence, appears androgynous....

Her mother insists she and her husband, a manual worker, had always impressed on her that ‘results are not important, but you should always enjoy the taking part’. One doubts she dares voice this opinion in the presence of her daughter’s coaches.

In swimming, as in most other Olympic sports, they enforce a regime so relentlessly harsh that it has been compared, by those few Western observers who have managed to penetrate the obsessive secrecy with which it is guarded, to that in some 19th-century prisons.

At seven she could already perform 20 chin-ups - an exercise beyond the capability of most fit adults. She swims every day for several hours - only getting a break when the pool ‘needs cleaning’ according to one of her coaches, Wei Wei.

She will also have been drilled remorselessly in the niceties that can make a difference in big competition: keeping a fixed facial expression, behaving impeccably in view of the judges, showing no weakness or pain. Her only consolation is that her diet will be far more nourishing than that of an ordinary Chinese teenager.

Food and legal supplements apart, though, the question gnaws away — is she being propelled by some other, more sinister fuel?

Team Red China has no honor

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