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Default Re: What? no Olympics thread?

Team China once again brings dishonor into play - this time tainting the great sport of badminton

Four doubles teams were disqualified from the London Games earlier in the day after trying to lose matches to receive a more favorable place in the tournament. The Badminton World Federation punished the eight players after investigating two teams from South Korea and one each from China and Indonesia. South Korea and Indonesia appealed, but China accepted the federation's decision.

Team China presumably accepted its disqualification since its tradition of cheating is well known to all, as explained below. Team China's cheating apparently gave South Korea and Indonesia no alternative to cheating as well.

[I]Before the decision was announced, Indonesia Olympic team leader Erick Thohir accused Chinese players of losing on purpose in the past.

"China has been doing this so many times and they never get sanctioned by the BWF," Thohir said. "On the first game yesterday when China did it, the BWF didn't do anything. If the BWF do something on the first game and they say you are disqualified, it is a warning for everyone."[/I]...

Beijing badminton silver medalist Gail Emms said the matches were embarrassing to watch.

"It was absolutely shocking," she said. "The crowds were booing and chanting 'Off, off, off.'

Team China should be told to leave the Olympics now - if only Roger Goodell ran the Olympics
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