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Default Re: Shooting at Batman movie

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Mom, seriously, if the sovs didn't attack us, nobody is going to wage an assault on the United States. "Mutually Assured Destruction" ring a bell? There is no possibility of surviving such a folly, much less winning it. That's 2nd generation warfare. We're in and moving past 4th gen warfare into what the strategerists call "hybrid warfare". And that is what islam wages against us.

Islam has so deeply penetrated both parties, "education", and the media in this country that a significant number of our countrymen can't imagine that we were attacked on 9/11 or why its an affront to build a mosque across the street from the atrocity. That is the product of 4th gen warfare. That is what lost Viet Nam for us and what will do us in if we don't pull our heads out of our asses and start making some sane decisions, the likelihood of which is slim and none.
Don't agree with you, but not going to debate it because I'm pretty sure we've been over this at some point too. It also wasn't where I was trying to get the conversation to go either, and know whatever I say won't change your opinion.

Again, what I said was "As long as we are at war with islam, its foolish to allow your enemy to bear arms.". There is no possibility of disarming muslims in the United States short of interning and deporting them all. A country that considers such an idea as madness doesn't have the stomach for that. And they know it.

Interestingly, our gubmint proclaims that returning combat veterans, people that call themselves patriots, religious folks and people that take issue with globalism are terror threats. There is a much greater likelihood that the gubmint will seek to disarm them before they would ever risk "offending" practitioners of "the religion of peace".
That is why we can't allow the government to take away 2nd amendment rights from anyone who is law abiding...even if those persons are part of a religion in which exstremists have vowed to destroy the nation. As long as everyone is afforded that one right, all others cannot be completely stripped. It's the price of freedom.

And I for one am happy to be one of those that doesn't have the stomach for stripping US citizens of their rights.

I only asked because you seem like you would be in favor of such an action, and that doesn't really jibe with the notion that the 2nd amendment is absolute. You would be willing to accept that 'unless' part of it...I am not.
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