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Originally Posted by Grav View Post
how has this guy done? heard some reports that Woods was giving him a pretty tough time in training. Any news on the guys progress?
Maurkice Pouncey had these thoughts, confirming that DeCastro is a man of few words and that the academic demands upon SEC football players are not particularly high

Steelers offensive guard and No. 1 draft pick David DeCastro is developing a reputation as an intense man-of-few words.

"He looks like a military dude, man. He's too serious some of the time, but he's a great guy to have around the field," center Maurkice Pouncey said.

"Most of the time, he doesn't say anything at all. They call him Mr. Personality," Pouncey laughed.

So how to loosen him up?

"Just try to joke with him ... he went to that smart school [Stanford] -- it was probably school, school, school and football.

"He probably didn't learn how to have a good time in college -- he didn't take bowling."
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