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Default Re: Dem Pistons.........

several things about the pistons:

1 through 5 they are probably the only team who could have any of their players be starters on any other team, without that team making a serious downgrade.

they pissed away a #2 pick in the draft ( anthony or wade) and didnt suffer.

r. hamiilton is the only player to learn something from michael jordan and succeed, in jordans post bulls era.

the current pistons have been there and done that. most notably taking down the 3x champ lakers. losing to the spurs dont exacty make them slouches.

flip is a good coach who really only ever had 1 tool to work with (garnett). its hard to compete when you only have 1 player who could start on any other team. you give any coach JUST kobe, or garnett, or labron, and most likely they wont be able to get over the hump.
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