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Default Re: DeCastro update

jim wexell addresses the tweet induced panic rather nicely-

Where was the tweet from the rep prior when DeCastro stoned Blanc. I mean Blanc couldn't move anything, arms or legs, he was wrapped up so tight. So he got off the ball and ran past him the second time. No big deal.

I looked up at the one snap the second team had in the two-minute drill. DeCastro stoned McLendon, who's been killing Pouncey in one-on-ones all camp. Therefore, DeCastro is better than Pouncey?

No. It's just how one-on-ones go sometimes. And often the coaches are having the player work on technique and they don't care who wins for the radio guys who have their noses buried in twitter.

If DeCastro was looking as unathletic as Urbik looked in one-on-ones his rookie yeaer, then you should worry. But he's an athlete. He could use a few more pounds but he'll be fine. I'm not worried in the least.
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