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Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Playoffs are a different speed. We were stuck in regular season-neutral while suckass teams like the '94 Chargers and '01 Patriots passed us up. Now I'm pissed. **NEEDS TO WALK AWAY.**

94:  I can still see Eric Green laying there... not trying to get up & get into the end-zone.  And, living in SD, the day after was even more difficult to stomach (parades, fair-weather fans, highlights ad nauseum).  Speaking of highlights, I STILL see highlights of Dennis Gibson knocking down that pass.  Horror defined.  

01:  I remember going to the gym that morning, thinking: only a special teams snafu could stop that team. Alas, I was correct.  At the time, it was not as painful as 94... but, after 2004, the Taperiots have surpassed the Ravens as my most hated team.  
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