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Default Re: Dem Pistons.........

Originally Posted by Koopa
i ain't witness a damn thing yet lol. *not being bias just talkin basketball* flip is possibly the most overrated coach next to poopovich lol. he does not know how to coach in the playoffs, i don't get how you have a player like kg and can't get passed the first round more then once. and now he comes to a team that won and went to the finals the last two years and he's struggling against the cavs. obviously tonight is a must win, but it's a must win for the cavs too, i guranatee that the cavs will not win a game 7, so it's a must for them. so lets see how flip does in this type of situation, history says not so good
i must say that coaching in the nba playoffs is one of the most over rated things ever. at this point, its all about the 5 men on the floor who get the job done. when every game in this 2nd round of the playoffs is coming down to 2-4 points there is NO way you can blame the coach for a loss. it comes down to a basket made here or there, or a tunover made here or there. its the players who shoot the ball, and its the players who turn it over or who dont rebound.

on average, the BEST team is gonna miss 50% of their shots. when 1 or 2 shots is making the difference in games, to blame coaches such as popovich, brown, flip, is absurd.

good thing being a steelerfan, i am used to people blaming the head coach all the time.
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