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Default Re: Shooting at Batman movie

Who judged and damned a billion people? Or one, for that matter?
Oh, please... you have stated in this very thread that you only hate terrorists and those aid and abet them, followed immediately by some third-grade level explanation of how Muslims fit that description, they've declared war on us, vowed our destruction, whatever. Which obviously excuses your bigotry completely. "I only hate terrorists; who could possibly object to that???"

If we want to go back and pick through the "New York Mosque" threads and such, we'd be sure to find all sorts of lovely sentiments from your keyboard. No one here is fooled. Maybe at the other forum, but not here.

You give some people a title and they go all Politburo on you. Is the pressure of office wearing on you Ric? And you people went on about the previous SF administration being nazis.

Define "hate speech" in terms other than things you disagree with.
Thankfully, I have almost nothing to do here as a mod, other than ban spammers, so no, "the pressure of office" is not wearing on me, thank you very much. Furthermore, I enjoy disagreeing with you and others. It's fun. I assume it's fun for you as well.

What I do not enjoy is trying to engage people who insist on debasing themseves and others by using slurs in their arguments, be they racial, gender, ethnic, religious or what have you. I shouldn't have to tell a grown-up such as yourself that not only is it tasteless, not only is it against forum rules, but it strips bare you and your arguments, right down to desperate bigotry... you're weakening your own arguments. Lose the slurs.

There are terms we do not allow members to use in reference to women (except Mom, that is); there are terms we do not allow in reference to African-Americans, or towards Asians, Jews, etc., etc. The same applies to Muslims. There is a basic, low-level respect that you and all members here are obliged to show everyone else on these boards (whether they be fellow members or visitors).

And you will hopefully be able to set down your ego for a second - along with your thinly-veiled ad hominem attacks against me - to see that I am not asking you to edit your arguments, with which I do indeed strongly disagree. You can believe anything you want about anyone. I don't really care, and I'll surely enjoy debating it with you. Just lose the slurs. Edit them out on your own, or I will do it for you.
Why does God hate amputees?
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