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Default Re: Sikhs express shock after shootings at Wisconsin temple

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
You posted a conspiracy theory and said you couldn't dismiss it entirely. That's all I did, too. Just as much proof for mine as yours. Then Vinny jumped into the deep end.
Let me post what happened here in the order it happened...

Me: But I do find it highly suspicious that this is being treated as a lone gunman, domestic terrorism situation, when there are witness reports claiming different.

You: Are you a conspiracy believer? While it's possible Wade had others with him who have gotten away at this point, ballistics will tell if more than one gun was used. What isn't possible is that this is a government run hit team. (Never stated that as a possibility in my initial post there, you jumped to that conclusion on your own)

Me: Haven't come to any definite conclusions here. Never stated that's what happened, just providing links to what some people have said that contradict what is being reported as a lone gunman attack. Not going to state that I believe anything definitive, but I'm certainly not going to rule out the possibility, especially in the context of what is going on with the US and UN right now.

You: After all, you are suggesting that it is possible for the FBI, full of people who have served throughout many different administrations, to be in on killing innocent people and shooting a cop. (Again, didn't do that, you made this up yourself)

Me: You aren't even reading my posts apparently, just injecting your own interpretations.

I'm not suggesting anything, other than the official story of one shooter may not be correct, and posted corresponding links and videos. You took that to mean I'm a conspiracy nut who thinks the gov't is behind it.

You: It could be a Mormon hit squad. Not saying I fully believe that but I'm not ready to dismiss the possibility.

Me: Again, I'm not saying whether or not I think it was some kind of gov't operation...I was posting on the fact that there are differing reports of how many shooters there were.

You: You posted a conspiracy theory and said you couldn't dismiss it entirely.

Me: *Facepalming myself*
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