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Default Steelers could use a 4 - 3 defense package?

First off, hello all, I read this and other Steeler forums often.

When Mike Tomlin was hired I loved the pick, and was very happy about his decision to keep the Steelers d as it was. I love the 3 - 4, and no one plays it better than the steelers.......

...BUT looking at our current D-Line situation, and some of the injuries to the line backing corps, isn't it a possibilty???

We could have Kiesel, Hood, Mclendon, Heyward (not necessarily in that order)

Then have LT, Woodley, foote (hopefully spence)

for some subpackages used only in specific situations, It would throw opposing teams for a loop.. I would liken it to how the giants have that speed d-line package.
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