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Default Re: Status quo in Pittsburgh; Super Bowl within reach

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
CBS seems to be the only media outlet that thinks highly of the Steelers. ESPN, NBC, and NFLN have been sucking Raven knob all offseason. CBS has the Steelers and Bengals competing for the division title with the Ravens taking a step back and missing the playoffs, mostly because of the loss of Suggs. I guess they aren't sold that the best QB ever will offset the loss of Suggs and win shootouts for the Ravens every week.
Yeah NFLN and ESPN are absolutely ridiculous. I was watching a thing on Flacco today and he was 2nd to last in completion percentage last year. Then they were figuring that NEARLY A THIRD of his passes are dump off's and 1-5 yard routes to Ray Rice. The players they lost in FA were active producing players, yet the media acts like the dead weight we cut is some huge loss and that their losses aren't anything to worry about. The O line took a step back and although it may hinder Rice a small amount, it will definitely hinder Flacco, especially if Harrison and Woodley are healthy in both games against us. Flacco's not an on the run play maker. On top of all that, Suggs will be out at least half the season and won't be 100% this year at all even if he returns early. On top of that, we have guys to protect Ben from him and Ngata now. All that yet they are on top, while we improve all our major flaws yet we will be in 3rd unless Trent Richardson has a big year, then we'll be dead last.

Could you imagine the BS in the media if Troy Polamalu was 37 and was asked to drop weight in an effort to still be competitive? Their's nobody on the edges of that front 7, Lewis is older and slower and will be bearing the brunt, and Ngata (against us at least) will be neutralized by our strong interior O line. But if you watch NFLN all you would know is that the young Ravens team is ready to win a SB and the playoff loses in previous years are just building blocks and are no indication of how the team performs under the peak of pressure.
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