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Default Re: Status quo in Pittsburgh; Super Bowl within reach

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Could you imagine the BS in the media if Troy Polamalu was 37 and was asked to drop weight in an effort to still be competitive? Their's nobody on the edges of that front 7, Lewis is older and slower and will be bearing the brunt, and Ngata (against us at least) will be neutralized by our strong interior O line. But if you watch NFLN all you would know is that the young Ravens team is ready to win a SB and the playoff loses in previous years are just building blocks and are no indication of how the team performs under the peak of pressure.
I was watching ESPN when the news came out that Ray-Ray reported to camp lighter and all their "experts" said something along the lines of "Now he's going to be able to cover guys like Gronkowski!"

I wonder how a lighter Ray-Ray helps their already Sugg-less pass rush and run defense?
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