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Default Re: Status quo in Pittsburgh; Super Bowl within reach

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
You can take Suggs off that list this season and replace him with Torrey Smith's big play capability.
Agreed. This year I don't think Ngata will be a problem if both our Guards play well. I will admit I'm a bit worried about the negative reports about DeCastro, but I'm confident they will get him on the right page and he will be a major factor in neutralizing Ngata. Ray Rice will always need to be worried about, nothing you can do there. But Smith probably would be the next on my list too, I think this year we might need to put Ike on him and see if our #2 can hang with an older Boldin.

As for the new offense being a "surprise", that might end up being a bigger deal then most think. We have been running the same plays from the same formations for years and the Ravens have been able to continue to find ways to beat it over and over again since it stays the same. But it took them years to really get past us like they did this year, and that was after years of planning against the same offense. Baltimore will still have a pretty good defense this year and I don't think the "surprise" of the new offense will catch them really off guard and blow them out, but hopefully it will be one that is constantly changing so that the Ravens can't continue to try plays against our same formations year after year until one works.
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