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Default Re: Steelers Fever Donation Appreciation

When we click on an advertising link on the website, like for tickets, etc what does SF get out of that? Do they pay you when we just click the link or do we need to buy? Do they know we came from SF to them via SF? In other words, if we are gonna buy do we need to do so directly from the SF site? Because I think I just favorite placed the ticket thing and when I bought tickets & a few parking passes last season, I did NOT go from the link located on the main SF website but from my favorites. I always wondered if some way some how SF did get a kickback had I done it another way. Also, do you get paid for us just visiting their various sites and if so shouldn't we just keep clicking?

I am sure you have already explained this a few times and I was not here and would really like to know how I can assist this website on a personal level in addition to contributing.

Thank you in advance,

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