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Default Re: Pat Kirwan- 5 Questions From Steelers Camp

Originally Posted by wera176 View Post
To be honest, with Ben and all the weapons around him, I for one could care less if we run "more" or rank top 10 in the running game (although I won't complain about it either!) I just want us to be able to run when we want to or need to.
Hey, the Giants won the superbowl and were dead last in the NFL in running the ball. I'm not saying that's the way to go, but as you said they won't even need to break the top 10 ten with the receiving weapons they have.

I suppose I was unfair to yinzer nation. Not everyone has their heads stuck in the past. I do however, get the sense there is a vocal minority that absolutely refuse to accept the game has changed to being more pass-oriented. The Ben haters that post here from time to time are an example of that type of thinking. In their minds, the Steelers are better without Ben because he only cares about his ego and padding his stats.

I guess I can understand why the Ben haters don't post here all that often. They must be too busy counting all those Lombardi trophies from the 90's.
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