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Default Something has to give with Wallace NOW

There's no point in rehashing the entire scenario for the umpteenth time. All I know is the absence of Wallace to start the season - to be honest, something I never until now really thought might happen - is going to have a tremendous domino effect on our receiving corps and by extension, our offense. Sanders is a fine 3, Cotch a good, experienced 4, but to bump them each up a spot really brings our entire O down several notches. With Mike, we have a deep, dangerous group of wideouts. Without him, we're left with 3 solid ones, one of which has shown himself to be very injury prone, and pretty much nothing at 4 and 5. Something needs to happen soon, or else we could be in trouble.

I know this has been said before to mixed reactions from Steeler Nation, but if Wallace turns out to not be starting the season on our roster, there is a solid option to add some depth at receiver: Plax. I'm on board with it, because we got do a lot worse as our 4th receiver. At least he could help out in the red zone.
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