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Default Re: Something has to give with Wallace NOW

This is playing out like the Vincent Jackson mess with the Chargers

Jackson was absent through late October 2010, showed up long enough to get his 6 game 2010 season in to qualify for a yera of service, had the franchise tag put on him for 2011, played out 2011 for a Chargers team that was a train wreck and after all that still got a $55 million contract from Tampa Bay

Wallace wants to get paid and there is precedent that he is going to get paid in 2013 no matter how short and rotten a season he has this year - to the extent he harms the success of the 2012 Steelers to get there he apparently is willing to take that chance

I think Tomlin sees the dispute heading in that direction which is why the story is getting out to the media that Tomlin is pi**ed at Wallace

It's a business
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