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Default Re: Haley, Steelers are rushing to make a point

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
The Steelers faced third-and-2 or less 35 times last season. They ran 19 times (converting 68 percent) and passed 16 times (converting 50 percent).

68%>50%= simple

When the situation was third-and-3, the Steelers threw all 19 times (converting 58 percent).

other teams watch and chart film. part of an offensive coordinators job is to do the same and self scout, or ATLEAST have a quality control assistant do it. = Arians wasnt doing his job.

Tackle Max Starks blamed the struggles on the offensive line not getting the job done and Arians’ offensive philosophy.


“At the points they called certain plays, we might not exactly have been prepared for it, or we were expecting something else to be called,

“To be honest, we weren’t doing enough before then to make the defense respect the run. If we are passing the entire game, then when four minutes hit and we have to run it, it’s not going to happen.”

The Steelers ran 29 percent of the time on first down last season, down nearly 12 percent from the year before, and ran 42 percent of the time overall (down 15 percent from 2007, Tomlin’s first season).

When the Steelers DID run on first down they gained over 5 yards per carry.

Haley put an emphasis on physicality within the offensive line so the unit would be more prepared for situations like short yardage and the final four minutes of the game.

"We're talking about practice, man... PRACTICE"

“Anytime the defense knows you are going to pound the ball and you are successful, that kind of takes away their heartbeat,” guard Willie Colon.

“That’s what we want to do better this year, and we will do better this year.”
i cant wait to see a competent, explosive, and legitimate offense this year that isnt constantly tripping over their own dicks.
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