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Default Re: TE/FB David Johnson tears ACL- will miss season

Originally Posted by ebsteelers View Post
brutal, hoping for a speed recovery,

as much as people complain about him, we forget he was a 7th round pick from arkansas state,

for that i tip my cap to still be on the team after all these years, 7th rounders dont exactly hang around that often
I'm sorry, but that is precisely why he was so valuable to Arians. He was horrible. He had a good camp. Great! But hasn't he been in the league too long to be practice squad eligible? He was about the 6th best guy at a roster position that was too deep at 4. I understand that he worked really hard. I love that, but not enough to want him to play for my team just for that. Limas Sweed worked hard too, and I wish he would have learned to catch a flipping football, but he didn't, so he had no position on the team, buh bye. Sorry, but DJ can't catch and he can't block. Yeah, he has at least stopped running away from the guy he was supposed to block, but it still leaves him without any NFL level skills. It's time for him to consider what he actually should be doing with himself. If he works as hard at that as he did at almost being an NFL caliber football player he will be fine.

I'm not heartless. I feel his pain all too well, only without the free college diploma. I'm almost 50 and don't have any clue what I am good at. I hope DJ figures it out much sooner. And as I said, if he puts the same effort into that he will be fine, in fact more than fine, he will do great.
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