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Default Re: AFC Divisional Breakdown

Well I'm just saying people are entitled to their opinions even if how crazy you think they are. As long as Tom Brady is under center I don't see the Pats lossing that division. Plus the Pats have added to the offense this year. Plus I really see Ben Watson having a really good year. My problem with the Pats is to me they still have some issues on the defensive side of the ball which I feel they didn't address totally. I'm not a Pats expert and I won't try to be. You would know better they I would and if I'm wrong on this correct me.

Plus lossing the best clutch kicker in NFL history is the reasons i think the Pats will lose if the playoffs this year. But its also way to early to even think or talk playoffs. Alot of things still can happen between now and the start of the season. Also even though I hate Brady and the Pats. They have my respect. The 3 Super Bowl in fours proved the Pats to be a great team. Thats why I'm not totally sweeping them under the rug like some people. Then again even if people do thats their right to think that.
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