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Default Re: AFC Divisional Breakdown

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
great take. i was most concerned about special teams going into the draft, especially if keisel will be relieved of st duties, but after the draft, i think our special teams could be one of the most potent in the league, whether we are kicking or receiving the ball.
Yea I was alittle concerned myself about the special teams also before the draft. El was a great punt returner no doubt. I will miss him. I liked El. But pro sports is a business and thats life. But Willie Reid was a great punt returner in college. Yea it was college and that doesn't mean Reid will be great in the NFL. But I don't think El did returns in college. I might be wrong on that. But Reid did and so I think he has the potential to be as good or better then El on returns. Plus Holmes can return also.

Brett Keisel was a very good special teams player and he might not play on special teams since he is a starter. But I'm sure we will find someone who'll step up. I like Kudla from Ohio State or Shaun Nua. I really like Anthony Smith. The guy is just a football player. I think he will be all over the place on special teams this year. Cowher knows the importance of special teams and I think thats why we drafted like we did. Yea guys like Reid and Smith might be a few years away from contributing as a reciever and a safety but those two guys will make a impact on special teams this year.

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