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Default Re: AFC Divisional Breakdown

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
My breakdown between the Pats,Phins,and Steelers:

Steelers (14-2): Lost ARE and Hope.ARE was not as good as everyone thinks he is.He's average at best as a reciever,his real skills were on special teams and gadget plays.Now some people think our offense is run on the gadgets...but if you watch it isn't.We run and pass,and then throw in a gadget every once-in-a-while.Can we still run the gadgets?Hell yes we can!Ward can throw the ball,Heath Miller can throw the ball,flea-flickers back to Ben who we ALL KNOW can throw the ball.
14-2 seems a little bit lofty...11-13 wins sounds a little more plausible.
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