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Default Re: time to go shopping

Call it panic if you want.It still is something we should do.We are supposed to be protecting big Ben and improving our offensive line.This should included the backups as well.
Essex is a player that could not beat J.Scott for starting LT last year.Could not keep a starting job on a terrible offensive line.Now Foster has moved ahead of him at tackle.So now he is a 5th tackle.5th guard and 3rd center until Ryan Lee beat him out their.

Why not upgrade with a player like Clifton.Former Pro Bowl who has startes 159 games at left tackle.Gone up against some of the top pass rushers such as J.ALLEN,J.PEPPERS,TUCK,D.WARE,ORAKPO to name a few.Plus we face the last 3 this season.

IF we need him to start that means we have had lots of injuries at tackle.I would take him starting over essex any day.

Worst case he plays alot of games.Again better than Essex.

1st year players and rockie sometimes struggle their first time playing.Players get hurt.IT is just the nature of football.Why not be prepared for all cases.

Best case does not play.Trade deadline approaches and we have 2 left tackles(stark s tarks and clifton) to trade for draft picks.Both would be better than what is left on the free agent market during the season.2 possible teams that may need he Patriots(already brought him in for tryout and THe washington redskins.The skins starters Trent Williams(one drug test away from a year suppension and Jamal Brown who hasn't played a full season in years with a bad hip).
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