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Default Re: AFC Divisional Breakdown

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
Okay,here is how I see our schedule playing out:

Miami- Win,even with Cullpepper playing.If Harrington plays then they will really just get anialated.

At Jax- Win,Ben will be playing not Turnover Tommy.Without Jimmy Smith,who is the ball gonna get thrown to?

Cincinatti- Win,Palmer won't be ready for week 3.And if he is,we're gonna blitz him,and he's gonna have his knee on his mind the whole time.

At San Diego- Win,we'll stop LT and make Rivers try and beat us with his arm,which he won't.

Kansas City- Win,where is the defense that's gonna stop us?They don't have one.We'll get a big lead quick and then grind out the clock.

At Atlanta- Win,Mike Vick can't win them all with his feet.If he gets outside the pocket,he's gonna get broken in half by one of our LB's or safteys.And we all know he's not that good in the pocket.

At Oakland- Win,They lost to Cleveland in a game of field goals.Thier defense sucks and thier offense is gonna be even worse with Brooks dumb ass under center.

Denver- Toss up,but I'mma give it to Denver for arguments sake.We killed them in the AFCCG,I am sure they'll want revenge for it.

New Orleans- Win,even with thier two new additions,they won't be that good this year.Thier defense is horrible and thier offense will be better but not Top 5.

At Cleveland- Win,same old Clowns.

At Baltimore- Win,McNair will be in a body casy by this time if he ends up a Raven.

Tampa Bay- Win,they wouldn't have beaten us last year and they won't this year.

Cleveland- Win,same old Clowns.

At Carolina- Win,Steve Smith can be shut down.Thier RB's will be broken and Dellhome can't beat us with his arm.

Baltimore- Win,they won't be able to stop us,we're a powerhouse.

At Cinci- Loss,we'll be resting our starters for the most part on our way to HFA and our SIXTH SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP!
You could be (and probably are) a better team than every team on that schedule, but that doesn't mean you're going to (more or less) sweep the schedule. You'll get a few minor lapses here and there that will lead to losses. I don't think the Steelers will get the #1 seed in the playoffs. I'm thinking more 2nd or 3rd seed. There always seems to be a team that jumps out during the regular season and then fades away during the playoffs (colts last year, steelers the year before). I'm thinking that will be either Denver or the Colts again this year.
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