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Default Re: Winners and Losers of game 1?

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
Yeah, but you play bent over with your head down and bodies shuffling all around you, just hoping nobody kicks your leg in half. They showed a view of the first Suisham field goal that really illustrated this. In hindsight, I'm not surprised Warren's gotten injured a few times. Not saying his doesn't make a nice living for like 5 plays a game, but still.

Anyway, I should add that I meant Walter McFadden (CB, Bryant McFadden's brother), not Marshall McFadden (linebacker, unrelated).

Also, in hindsight, Ramon Foster and Marcus Gilbert didn't play all that terribly, especially on that first drive. And to be fair to Foster, I was wrong, he did pull successfully twice, although he's still not particularly...gallant.

I'd also like to reiterate again that Stevenson Sylvester, from an assignment standpoint, actually did have a great game, keeping in mind that everything in this game was vanilla. His problem was a couple of physical errors. He missed a handful of tackles, maybe three or four. However, he also made some good, solid plays too, including a tackle for a loss. What was particularly impressive was that he seemed to have a real nose for the gaps in getting through the line and into the backfield. He continues to play with his pad level too high, however, which I suspect is a factor in some of his missed opportunities.
For $825k I would be willing to give up my body like that. What does he play, maybe 20 snaps per game?
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