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Default Re: New York Times 2012 Steelers Preview

Well that's certainly opposite of what the NFL Network thinks of the Steelers. Apparently they dropped to places in their power rankings. Here's what they had to say about yinz Stillers ranked at 13:

Boy, Dick LeBeau is going to have to do one of his best coaching jobs ever this season. Rule changes have already caused the middle of the field to be gravy for tight ends across the league. Troy Polamalu can be a liability in coverage, while the jury is out on safety Ryan Clark at this stage of his career. Meanwhile, 10-year veteran Larry Foote isn't exactly posting the kind of Darrell Green-esque times necessary to keep up with athletic tight ends from his inside linebacker spot. Todd Haley had better give this team three touchdowns and a Shaun Suisham chip shot each Sunday if Pittsburgh hopes to play in the postseason.
Hard to blame him for questioning the defense.... we hardly saw them on the field.

On the other hand, those Iggles are called "contenders":

Nice to see (and hear) Eagles fans show outward support for Andy Reid. Rarely in the 92-year history of the NFL has such a successful head coach been so frequently maligned, even by his own fans. The bottom line: Reid is 126-81-1 (Donovan McNabb didn't know ties existed before that one). The second bottom line: Philly is in contention once again. Five NFC Championship Games, a Super Bowl and continuity mean something ... even in today's NFL.
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