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Default Replacement refs!!!

These guys are absolutely terrible and I can't be accused of bias because I'm not even referring to our game. I have watched many preseason games this year simply because I've been working from my computer a lot and there is a big screen to the left of it, and the thing I've noticed the most out of ANYTHING has been the terrible calls. In the Jaguars@Saints game the announcers were not only calling it how it was, they were keeping a tally of all the bad calls. They weren't using words like questionable, doubtful, or phrases like "I didn't see it". They were straight saying "No that is wrong", "No that's not the rule", and a few times made jokes about how terrible they were. Scary thing is that's not the only game that it's happened in. When I've noticed the bad calls or hear them mentioned I rewind and watch them again and every time they are truly terrible calls. If these guys are around during the regular season the whole year will be screwed up for every team, especially us, that's how bad the calls have been. They have made 2 poor calls in the Redskins@Bears game in the short time that I've been typing this.
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