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Default Re: Week 2 PS Gameday thread, Colts Vs. Steelers

Originally Posted by SteelCity4Life View Post
My fan-hood of this team was passed down by family. I've NEVER been ashamed of that. With it, I'm not hitting the panic button at all. It's PRESEASON people! 3rd stringers playing 3rd stringers. I got one thing for those hitting the panic button ...

I'm gonna look at some POSITIVES - Did anyone even SEE #18 on offense? Pretty impressive. He added a blow to Mike Wallace after the Antonio Brown TD. Potential deep threat?? I think so!

- Every RB seemed to have at least one big run. Again, The O-line is dumping the potential though once again. Dwayer was impressive to me. B. Batch? Not so much. Hell, even newly signed Ford had some highlights.

- J. Johnson played calm and did well *AS A BACKUP* of course. What, KEEP Byron Leftwich??? Sorry fellow's time for lefty to go! What has he done as backup?

- Charlie Batch is fine. Yes he is getting old. But I realize he's here still for a reason. The guy has some wisdom with his aging. He's proven reliable and can still read defenses WELL. Give the guy a break. He's earned his roster spot. Has Lefty???

- I saw at least one effective screen pass. A catch + the extra effort for a first down.

It's too freakin early to be worrying so much in the NFL. I think many of us take for granted all the success this team has had. It will go on to win time after time. But the roster is 53 people. We're just finding who fits the right roles.

And I give a to Indy. They are no Baltimore Ravens. They are no New England Patriots. You get the point. Have a little RESPECT for other teams?

I'll save the superbowl dream. It's one *preseason* game. We'll be okay.
I fail to find ANY way to disagree with any of that. Pretty much sums it up.

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