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Default Re: Replacement refs!!!

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Penalties should definitely be able to be reviewed, often times the penalties are just as big as the plays that normally get reviewed. And yes the refs have always been terrible, and I think they have been bias against us for a while, but it's way worse with these replacement refs. If you get a chance to watch a lot of preseason games (not that you want to lol), you will see how bad it is. It's ridiculous. Way worse.
i'm not talkin coaches challenges, i'm saying the reviews should be automatic. put a full time ref in a booth with a dvr and a large screen. if he doesn't request a delay then that means the call on the field was absolutely the right call. like i said , fans and commentators can point out a questionable call / penalty in the amount of time between plays , why not have an official do the same instead of having them "live" with a bad call ? as an added bonus it would highlight which refs are doing a good job and which aren't.
heck they could even go so far as to allow the review ref to call missed penalties.
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