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Default Re: Week 2 PS Gameday thread, Colts Vs. Steelers

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Again, I'm not usually the worrying type, but I am surprised how there's not even a bit of concern from some that our O line still looked bad, the second team defense was terrible, and Ben didn't even produce a FG. He gets credit for the TD to Brown as he should, but Brown made that play. I will have to rewatch the game to be certain, but I'm not sure Ben even set foot on Indy's side of the field. We're the Steelers and I tend to stay confident because of that, but look what happened last year. Week 1 was an embarassing blow out, Week 2 beat the Seahawks. Week 3 Ben pretty much just laid in the backfield and we were one bad throw away from being embarassed BY CURTIS PAINTER. Then Houston made us look like amatuers the following week. All I'm saying is: just because we're the Steelers and have been used to being sucessful doesn't mean we're always ready. I'm definitely not saying "be worried", I'm just not wearing rose colored glasses.
And yet we finished 12-4.
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