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Default Re: Rainey says he was knocked unconscious before they put him back in

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Getting knocked out means brain damage to some extent. I hope he is just being an attention ***** when he claims to have been knocked out
Good point - maybe #7 is his role model when it comes to describing the extent of injuries He is not going to get cut whether he sat out the game or not so it is not as if he is some FA who is looking for a non-football job if he did not force his way back on the field

I agree with you that if Rainey lost consciousness and was put back in the game I have to wonder what sort of legittimate "tests" he possibly could have passed - the doc needs to provide the brake on these players trying to man up and always return to action

But as Tony says, players other than Harrison need to get the fact Tomlin does not want players talking to the media about injuries
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