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Default Re: Rainey says he was knocked unconscious before they put him back in

I understand that him being actually KO'd and then coming back into the game could be a problem, especially since this is a hot topic right now, but if the doctor's cleared him to play and he wasn't diagnosed with a concussion, I don't see what could come of it.

As for him going back in, that's absolutely ridiculous. I understand Tomlin wanting the rookies to get used to "toughing out" hits like that, but if your knocked unconscious IN PRESEASON then you should be on the bench. It's just preseason, Rainey is very unlikely to get cut and the 1st team offense seemed to either be struggling or just mailing it in, so the fact that Rainey came back in is absolutely ridiculous. If he's not talking it up and he was actually having problems controlling his feet and legs, then another big hit could have ended his career and/or life in preseason. Sounds extreme but when your already hurt your more vulnerable, he could have been knocked into a vegetable, no joke. I'm all for player toughness and if a player has a broken arm taped up and begging the coach to go back in, then let him back in. But the head injuries really have to be treated differently. I don't agree with all the new BS surrounding the concussion issue and the NFL, but putting him on the bench should have been common sense.
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