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Default Re: Goodell unwelcome at Vilma's restaurant

i agree with Skip. Vilma believes he is innocent...or at least not guilty of a crime worth a year suspension.

I think Vilma hasnt come out and apologized for the poster, because he is trying to draw attention to his case. Whether intentionally or not, Vilma is also giving people another reason to really have the opportunity to focus on Goodell and analyze his judgement.

See, that's the problem. His judgement is treated as the word of God in NFL matters.

He is all knowing. It is futile to question Him. As a matter of fact, merely questioning Him is offensive and ungrateful (think of all He has done for you). And furthermore, there is no force powerful enough in the universe to over rule Him.

How sad is it...the previous paragraph LITERALLY describes Goodell's authority. Not exaggerations. Not stretching the truth.

I 100% support anything that shines light on Goodell.

Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant.

Except when cleaning my dirty undies Dude....the whites.

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