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Default Re: Goodell unwelcome at Vilma's restaurant

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Goodell is the worst thing the Rooney's have done in the 80 years they have been involved in the NFL. As well as the other owners. Goodell has systematically destroyed the culture of football across the country and it will only get worse. He may have not done it on purpose, but he has started it. Goodell has zero people skills and zero knowledge of HOW people think. If he knew this, he would know what he is doing is creating a forum for people to take advantage of football not only in the NFL, but in Pop Warner, High School and College. Once the trend grows to an infamnia, then you will see pop warner leagues, high school football and small colleges eliminate football from the landscape.

The NFL is being sued for 10 gagillion dollars by 3000 former players, whom most were decorated athletes who without the NFL, would have probably been selling brake pads in midwest cities and had zero notoriety in every capacity instead of being former NFL stars or players. Imagine if its people who have nothing like that and can take advantage of a small school system that has budget issues already. It will be a nightmare and it is already happening.

I pray that we can sustain his garbage for 5 more years until his contract runs out, and then get someone in here who knows what the hell their doing.
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