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Default Re: The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever See!

Originally Posted by SteelerEmpire View Post

Also, if you study the issue with the USS Liberty, it was in the wrong waters during the 6 Day War with the Arabs while Israel was under attack by 5 different nations. Then after not "properly" (I stress 'properly') identifying itself, it was fired upon.
By the way, the US was an ally in this war.

strange...the captain and crew of the liberty seems to think other wise...i guesssince they were actually there , i'll take their word for it.
Captain William McGonagle writes to President Clinton

MEMBER, CMOH SOCIETY October 24, 1998
Re: Jonathan POLLARD
1. Please DO NOT release Jonathan POLLARD, a convicted traitor of the United States, to the Government of Israel, as part of the Middle East peace process, or for any other reason.
2. Please DO NOT release Jonathan POLLARD to the Government of Israel where he could continue to cause irreparable security harm to the United States of America.
3. Please DO NOT release Jonathan POLLARD to the Government of Israel until and unless the Government of Israel acknowledges, in writing and publicly, that the Government of Israel's armed forces (air and naval) deliberately attacked USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) (A Technical Research Ship) on June 8, 1967.

Israeli aircraft conducted surveillance of the ship within moments of our arrival on station off the coast of the Sinai on the morning of June 8, 1967. The ship was soon identified as USS LIBERTY by Israeli Naval Headquarters, by referring to "JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS" 1966 OR 1967 issue, which showed a photograph of the ship and listed in detail its characteristics. In fact, an identification "tower" was placed on their Battle Plot with an "A" on the tower to identify the ship as an American ship. The plot was not kept up to date, and was removed when the watch changed at noon that day. The ship was overflown on several occasions before the attack commenced. An Israeli Naval Officer went to the American Embassy Naval Attache' to obtain information that the ship was indeed USS LIBERTY, but the US Naval Attache' did not have our operating schedule, so he could neither confirm or deny that the ship was the USS LIBERTY................

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