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Default Democrats unveil their national platform - - abortion, taxes and gay marriage

WASHINGTON - Democrats unveiled a party platform at their national convention Monday that echoes President Barack Obama's call for higher taxes on wealthier Americans while backing same-sex marriage and abortion rights.


Death, taxes and perversions...that's the ticket


It's a sign

God rains out Jeff Bridges' DNC concert

And it came to pass, just minutes after The Big Lebowski actor Jeff Bridges started an outdoor concert to welcome attendees to the Democratic National Convention on Monday, the heavens opened and spilled forth a deluge that forced him to cancel the event.

The sign from heaven came just two days after the Almighty reportedly sent another rainstorm of great fury to severely damage a sand sculpture of President Barack Obama constructed for the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The graven image was dubbed "Mount Obama" and was criticized for its hubris.

According to a report by Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News, Bridges (who is also a musician) was giving a free concert in downtown Charlotte for Democratic delegates and other heathen attending the convention. After Bridges greeted the crowd by saying "Hello Democrats," he sang several songs when the sky opened and the rains fell.

The musicians trembled in fear of the Lord, as well as fear of electrocution, and left the stage.

Jeff was then joined by his brother, actor Beau Bridges, and the two gentiles started an anti-rain dance to appease their Hollywood gods. This seemed to only annoy the Lord, who sent down even more rain. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Beau proclaimed "That didn't work" and Jeff ended the concert.


Rain washes out DNC opening festivities

CHARLOTTE, NC (RNN) Mother Nature likes messing with the political process.

The Republicans had Hurricane Isaac that postponed their festivities in Tampa, and late afternoon summer thunderstorm cut short CarolinaFest2012 for the Democrats.

As native North Carolinian James Taylor sang "You've Got a Friend," the skies opened up and people ran for cover under awnings, hotel drive ups, parking garages and covered restaurant patios.

Many lingered to see if the concert would continue after a rain delay, but organizers canceled the event.
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