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Default Re: Wexell reports Mendenhall looked "fantastic" at Mondays practice

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Wow, indeed.

As far as dancing goes... you & I have discussed this ad nauseum. [I prefer Ray Rice... yadda-yadda-yadda... neither of us convincing the other.] THAT SAID, I just hope that he doesn't try to come back too quickly.

Cut.. pop... end of career. I really would rather he sit until November (against the Ravens-Bengals-Ravens).
I like Ray Rice as a RB, I just think those that criticize Mendenhall as "dancing too much" are as biased as the group that say "Arians threw bubble screens on 3rd down all the time".

Mendenhall is a cutback runner that is patient in picking a hole. When the Steelers O lines of the past had opened no holes.....he eventually gets tackled plowing into the line or from behind.

I would be concerned if he came back too soon, but think if he has a FB lead or a better O- line scheme of blocking, that he will have a great year. Loss of DeCastro hurts more than we like to think.
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