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Default Re: Democrats unveil their national platform - - abortion, taxes and gay marriage

so the rock star bill clinton absolutely killed it at the DNC..

how come the romney camp didnt invite the "peoples champion" dubya bush? or even rummy, cheney, or americas sweetheart prom queen and hoe-breeder sarah palin to speak at the RNC? whatever happened to the heroic speaking katrina mayor from NO who was gonna be the "next..."?

i guess it doesnt matter. I said this last election cycle- whether you prefer democrats or republican politics 1 thing is abundantly clear: the RNC seems absolutely clueless on how to run a campaign seemingly tripping over their own dicks every step of the way, while the democrats seem to be masters.

the democrats just know how to reach and relate to the masses better. while republicans focus on the difference of everyones individual incomes, wealth, life success or failures, the democrats embrace that eachs persons vote counts just the same, regardless of the above. (i get that the MAJOR -and top secret- republican platform is that each persons vote should be proportionate with their bank acounts $$$)

to put it bluntly, the GOP is primarilly comprised of rich, old, angry, white people, who hide under a cloak of Christianity, as they secretly worship in their boardrooms and masonic temples planing to suck the wealth out of the country and usher in the anti-christ.

teh democrats just wanna allow people to live their lives w/o being the "religious" morality police, and provide assistance to those who need it.

do i got it right, vinnie?
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