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Default Re: The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever See!

Originally Posted by SteelerEmpire View Post
I see no one mentioned the US turning back Jews (on the "St Louis") in 1939 to be slaughtered in Europe ? You guys crack me up... lol. But just like some Americans won't forget the USS Liberty, some Jews won't forget the St Louis...
were they turned back to be slaughtered ? you might wanna check your timelines.

st. louis incident - may 1939

DECEMBER 8, 1941

JANUARY 20, 1942

24 Jul 1944,Discovery of Concentration Camps

the US didn't enter the war till after pearl harbor . while the european jews were being persecuted after hitlers jan 1939 speech , they weren't being slaughtered yet.
the ONLY thing the US was guilty of is turning away a boat load of european immigrants which is still done today under our immigration policies.
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