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Default Re: 19 people shot Thursday afternoon, Friday morning

Originally Posted by ARKIESTEEL View Post
it's funny because Chicago is one of the hardest places to own a firearm. so with that known gun control has been proven once again to not work
On what planet is this true? Firstly, it's not hard to own a gun anywhere in the United States. That said, although there is a "complete" ban on fully automated weapons in the state of Illinois, there is no "assault weapons law" [which sounds oxymoronic, but whatever] and there are almost no other restrictions.

The city of Chicago requires residents to complete a firearm safety course, receive a background check including fingerprinting, and then pay a $100 permit fee which is renewed every three years. Registration of any handgun will assume an additional one time fee of $15.00.
That's it. That's difficult? For a lethal weapon? For the right to kill another human being? Give me a break.
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