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Default Re: 19 people shot Thursday afternoon, Friday morning

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Mom, none of those things are difficult. Taking a few tests to prove you're not (yet) a violent felon felon with a record is cake, and paying $100 every three years maybe excludes most homeless people, which might be a shame if you're a communist, I guess.

And guns are not defensive weapons anymore than ICBMs are. MAD doesn't work on a personal level any better than between superpowers. When guns can stop a bullet in mid-air I'll reconsider.

I think I did see a spaghetti western once where someone shot a bullet out of harm's way.
They actually are difficult though, to obtain legally in Illinois. Why do you think legal gun owners make such a fuss there? And in D.C.? They are literally a couple of the hardest places to own a handgun, let alone get a carry permit. Maybe you missed the part where you have to be licensed by the state police first, and then in most cases your county police. Next, what they don't tell you on wikipedia, is that when they say you have to take the classes, you can only take them at certain licensed facilities. Guess what? There sometimes aren't any within city limits, you can literally have to drive for an hour or two, depending on where you live. Why does that matter? Because in Chicago and D.C, before getting a permit to own, let alone carry a firearm, you have to be able to transport a firearm to one of those facilities to take a can only do that if you have a permit. See the problem here? Also, in some areas, you have to be someone who is legally permitted to own a firearm to take the classes. Quite the conundrum, right? Sounds retarded, even for someone who is against guns. But that's why it's so hard to own guns in those areas. They put those silly little loopholes in there.

It is possible, I honestly can't remember the way this lady explained it...but it involved quite a bit of paperwork and extra money and time. She said most people just give up within the first year of trying. You'd think they'd be the safest places on earth though, with how hard it is to legally obtain a gun.
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