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Default Watching the Jets - 1st half observations

With little personal interest in most of the games today, I decided to watch our next opponent. Here's what I've noticed so far:

1) They throw a lot (no surprise there) and don't seem to have much of a running game. Kerley was impressive. Seems like Suckchez looked for him a lot. Much of that was probably due to Buffalo's piss-poor secondary. They looked lost out there. Suckchez spread the ball around to most of his WR's.

2) No big surprises with the Wildcat. A couple of times they had Suckchez split out as WR. The first time the Buffalo CB engaged him agressively and threw him to the ground (no flag). The second time, the CB did nothing like that (maybe got a warning?). I'd coach our CB's to take the first approach every time. Treat him like a WR. (Bring out some old tapes of Mel Blount)

3) Their D looks good, forced a lot of turnovers. Secondary was strong, although Fitzpatrick had something to do with that.

4)The Jets look very impressive across the board. But the Bills look impressively bad across the board. Buffalo is being totally out-coached.

Tomlin's going to love breaking down this tape with the team.
After watching this game, the Steelers will definitely not take the Jets lightly.
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