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Default Re: Patriots...America's Team??????

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
My hangup w/ the Pats fan.. and I'll exclude hardwork from this since he seems to be an avid follower of his team... is that simply... where were they right up until about 5 years ago... u couldnt find a pats fan anywhere, now they come out of the woodwork!!
Same thing here Blitz. Hardwork knows his team though. So you are right he is definitely excluded from this. I talked to a few Patriots fans last season. And well lets say they wore all the Patriots gear and talked about how good their Patriots were. When I asked them some basic questions about their team they kind of got irritated and changed the subject. Not a fan of bandwagoners. Loyal fans even if Patriots fans are cool. Bandwagon fans ohhh how I hate them lol
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