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Default Re: 1:00 Games

Tough loss for Steeler nation last night.

I was really hoping you guys would spoil Mannings return so Chris Collinsworth would STFU already. Hate that guy.

I don't understand why your defense was playing zone. You should of went after Manning with the same man to man defense scheme you used against Brady and the Patriots last year. What's the deal with your defensive coordinator?

I used to really despise the Steelers, but now I just despise losing to them. Over the last ten years I've developed a certain level of respect for your organization and it was strangely disheartening to see you lose that game. Seems like a wounded lion getting picked at by lesser animals. The Tebow must of went right up your asses.

I've always hated Elway, Manning, the Broncos, and now they're all together. I think Denver looked a little better than they actually are last night. They'll probably take their division but Manning will choke in the post season as usual.

Hope you beat the Jets (who also aren't as good as they looked today)
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