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Default Re: 19 people shot Thursday afternoon, Friday morning

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Look, you're not allowed to bring up "safe". People with guns are statistically far less safe than people without. It's inconvenient for the pro-gun argument, but you're going to have to find other reasons to own a gun. Because it's fun. Because it gives you an erection. Because the UN is going to invade us militarily. Because you're a collector. Whatever. Those are all valid in their own weird ways, but the safety argument just doesn't hold any water at all.

Taking tests, paying triple-digit fees, combating loopholes... I'm sorry but these are not insurmountable obstacles to owning a gun. Are you people of the impression that it should be comparable to obtaining a driver's license? It's a lethal, offensive weapon, not defensive. It makes the owner (and everyone around the owner) less safe, not more. Unlike a car, it has no other function except to kill. And there is the whole point about what it does to civil society, to political debate, etc.

Why should anyone be able to obtain one at all, and why more easily?
What about the statitstic of number of crimes stopped and number of lives saved due to legal gun owners? Why is that always conveniently ignored?

And no, it shouldn't be as easy to legally obtain a gun as a drivers license...but I was just giving you reasons as to why it's near impossible to legally own a handgun in Chicago, since you seemed to be under a different impression.

I don't know what utopia you live in now where just making guns completely illegal would work. It would only make it so those who pursue legal gun ownership couldn't get one. This isn't the UK, where gun crime was almost non existant before they enacted their first real gun laws. We already have massive gun's just not coming from legal owners. So you have to think of a realistic solution to what the actual problem is first.
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