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Default Re: 19 people shot Thursday afternoon, Friday morning

There is no realistic solution to gun crime in this country. None. We're pretty much ****ed no matter what. Our culture has been purposely cultivated to extol and revel in guns. You cannot watch 30 minutes of television (PBS aside) without seeing a half-dozen guns wielded by some drama protagonist. My eight-year-old adores guns (although admittedly his shoot lasers and cosmic rays.) There's no getting away from it.

There are solutions to crime, but not one of them will be implemented in any meaningful way during our lifetimes in this country. Jobs, drug rehab, after-school programs, stopping the Drug War... all of the things that are getting cut or moving in completely the opposite direction right now. I don't need to lecture you about any of these things, Mom, but you know and I know that those are the things that stop bullets in mid-air.

My main point is that putting more guns out there always only worsens the situation. As far as gun owners having prevented crimes... BS. I love the 2.5 million number that gets tossed around, but everyone knows that's nonsense. Let's call it realistically a couple thousand, and I think that is extremely generous. It doesn't even balance out all of the murders by cops, in my mind.
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